Upper Back Pain

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain and How Chiropractor Can Help Treat Them

Many, if not all, will agree that upper back pain is the most debilitating ailment that makes people miss work, school, or fail to attend to their daily activities. Back pain can be traumatizing, and despite its popularity, upper back pain has no special treatment, but there are numerous ways to provide relief.


The best example of a treatment option is chiropractic care. If residing in Arkansas, and you suffer upper back pain, you are not alone. Our chiropractor in Mountain View at Holt Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic will help you reduce the pain and return to your healthy life in the shortest time possible.

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

Symptoms of upper back pain vary from one individual to another, depending on the causes of the pain. The pain can either be mild or severe. These discomforts may interfere with your daily chores and sleep patterns.

The symptoms associated with upper back pain include:

  • A sharp pain
  • Muscle stiffness
  • General discomfort since the pain can spread to the surrounding body parts like the neck

 Severe symptoms include:

  • Weakness in your arms and legs
  • Numbness in your legs, arms, chest, or belly
  • Loss of bladder control

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Similar to lower back pain, upper back pain can be attributed to several factors. These factors range from simple to severe causes, and they include:

  • Poor posture: This results in morphological changes in the back and neck. The spine should be neutrally aligned at all times. When muscles become weak, they do not hold the spinal cord in the correct position.
  • Improper lifting techniques: When lifting or holding something without maintaining it to the center position, it can cause the upper back vulnerable to injury.
  • Overuse: Engaging in strenuous work more than usual can result in injuries of discs, muscle, soft tissue, and inflammation in the upper back.
  • Accidents/collisions: Trauma arising from accidents like a car, bike crash, or collision in sports like soccer and rugby can trigger upper back pain.

How a Chiropractor Can Treat Upper Back Pain

Our Mountain View chiropractor treats upper back pain with natural therapies that help the body heal itself without medication or surgery. Spinal manipulation, acupuncture, corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle coaching are some of the chiropractic services that our chiropractor can employ to bring relief to your upper back pain.

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Chiropractic care is primarily used to help bring pain relief to joints, muscles, bones, and ligaments. Don't let upper back pain prevent you from doing your daily activities when you can get treatment from our Mountain View, Arkansas, chiropractor at Holt Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. Our dedicated team of chiropractic experts can help you restore your spine and bring to an end your back pain problems.

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